Exploring Popular West African Destinations! Top Places To Visit


African travel destinations have become increasingly popular over the last few years as the world once again faces challenges with regard to its security issues and natural disasters. In addition, the influx of over a million illegal immigrants over the last two decades has exacerbated African migration issues and made many Africans feel at home in countries like the US and Canada. With the rising costs of travel, more tourists are choosing to travel to Africa to experience the richness and beauty that the continent possesses. The following article will discuss some of the most popular African travel destinations in the world today.

  • Benin

Benin is the name of one of the largest islands in West Africa and is often referred to as the “Island of Smiles.” Benin is a safe destination in West Africa and is a popular tourist destination in Europe and America. Benin offers some of the finest beaches in the Western Hemisphere, making it a popular choice for vacations and trips to the islands such as Costa Rica and the Bahamas. Throughout Benin, there are numerous ports of call, providing travelers with a range of destinations to choose from while on transit.

  • Ouadane Mauritania 

Ouadane is known as the “Cradle of Kings” in West Africa and is one of the top destinations for trips to Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, or other parts of North Africa. It is a historic city that is rich in history, and there is an exciting array of archaeological sites to explore and take advantage of. Tourists typically pay a visit to Ouadane during the months of June to September. In addition to strolling through the markets of Ouadane, visitors can engage in activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling, horseback riding, shopping, and even visiting the tombs of past kings! There is also a port of call at Ouadane airport, which offers flights to major African cities.

  • Ghana

Another popular tourist destination in West Africa is Ghana. With a wealth of natural resources, Ghana offers a wide variety of wildlife, including mountain ranges, deserts, lakes, rivers, and coral reefs. The country’s cuisine is similarly diverse, and visitors will likely be able to try some traditional dishes at many of the country’s restaurants. A number of West African countries make direct flights to Ghana; therefore, if you are travelling to this part of West Africa, your options for travel and accommodation will be greatly reduced compared to other destinations.

  • Dakar

Another popular West African destinations, Dakar, is home to a large community of foreigners. Because of this, there are a number of cheap hotels and guesthouses throughout the city. Many of the cheap hotels offer visitors the option of meeting guests in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to this, travellers can visit many interesting destinations while on vacation in Dakar, such as donkey trekking, water-skiing, and horseback riding. For more information on cheap hotels in Dakar or information on a cheap vacation in West Africa, contact your travel agent.

Parting Shot 

On top of great destinations, you will also love the rich culture of West Africa. It’s people are also friendly, and you wouldn’t wish to travel anywhere else.